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About Michelangelo

The restaurant Michelangelo is owned by Nick Nicastro who has worked with the Italian cuisine for more than thirty years. Together with his brother Salvatore he runs the restaurant as a family business.

Nicastro Brothers

The brothers Nicastro grew up in Caltagirone in Sicily with agriculture, fresh raw materials and mothers cooking being parts of the every day life. In their work today they are consequently very accurate about serving only the best to their guests. They are happy and proud to be able to present a menu with delicious pasta dishes, fresh pizzas, fine wines and exquisite meat and fish dishes; all honourable examples of Italian cuisine, both traditional and modern.

Since the Restaurant Michelangelo is named after one of the greatest renaissance artists it is obvious that his works of art should be presented in our premises. The dining room, where 180 persons can be seated, is decorated with reproductions of the famous ceiling paintings that Michelangelo made for the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

The word “renaissance” means “rebirth” and historically the renaissance meant a new discovery of the antique culture. There was a wish to abandon the thoughts from the Middle Ages and turn to the ideas in the renaissance art where mans beauty and spirit of lift were praised. Man should have the right to enjoy life on earth. This is the philosophy that we wish to observe in the Restaurant Michelangelo. The passion for culinary art and the praise from our guests motivate us.

Come to the Restaurant Michelangelo and experience two of
the greatest gifts Italy has given to the world:

Food & Art.

The Media

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"Delicious meals in enourmous portions"

"Authentic Italian food and friendly atmosphere at Michelangelo"
Dagens Nyheter

"Here they do cooking with passion"
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From Monday to Friday, between 11.00-14.30, we offer a number of delicious lunch courses. To see the menu of the week, please click here

We also have some fantastic offers we serve between 14:00 and 17:30 on weekdays. For info call 08-215099.

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Gift certificate

Gift certificate

A gift certificate is always appreciated! The gift card can be purchased in any denomination. Is there someone special you want to surprise or any special occasion to be celebrated, please to talk with us. Gift certificates can be acquired at the cashier.


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